sean (digitalsean) wrote,

Child-free days

Experienced our first properly child-free day on Saturday. An odd experience, as we prepared handed over Louis to the care of his grandparents.

Spent the early part of the morning trying to pack for every eventuality. I was convinced I had forgotten something important. Check bottles, baby milk, nappies, clothes, nappy bags, etc. I keep having to remind myself that they have had over 32 years more experience at this than I do.

They trotted off early with the pram enjoying a sunny day out in East Lothian. We received some photo messages through the day reassuring us that he was happy and cared for.

So with the wee one safely packed off, and 8 hours of quality time, what did we do?

Some last minute shopping for Kate's birthday, as the intended present of a Wii Fit turned out to be nowhere to be found in the land. (didn't the short supply trick also work nicely to Nintendo's advantage when the Wii itself was first launched)

Kate caught up on her first aid course with the Red Cross. I popped in later to offer a helping hand, then later a helping wrist and elbow. Which were in turn cut, broken and scalded. Caught up with the people training at Red Cross which was really nice.

We have both lost touch with many people over the years, as they start to drift away from volunteering projects because of lifestyle changes - jobs, family etc. Easy to do as life becomes busier and time is at a premium. There are so many things to keep up to date with, and it could easily take a lot of time. So it seemed important when Kate got a chance to catch up with first aid qualifications. It gives us a chance to keep those contacts going.

Not so nice was the moment of doubt and slightly embarrassed silence, when at the end of the day I was asked: "so when did you last attend a course yourself?"

... oh, that would be ... um .... ah, *cough*, the same date that Kate did hers ....

I think I may need to pop along for the next course that comes up. Otherwise I might turn out to be a casualty of qualification apathy too.

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