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posting stuff elsewhere

I've been posting a few things in different places online, including typepad, and flickr. You can track a combined list at friendfeed/digitalsean

Flickr published photos on Flickr 21 hours ago

Louis and Katie

Twitter “Louis nearly lost both parents in J&R, while looking at small laptops. OQO, Asus eee-PC, HTC shift and a little HP too.” Wednesday at 3:01 pm
update: also looking at some interesting presentation devices which I've bookmarked on delicious/digitalsean

Flickr published 47 photos on Flickr

IMG_1706 IMG_1718 IMG_1721 IMG_1723 IMG_1717 IMG_1699 Kate on the Beach

TwitterTwitter “Driving across Florida like a mad astronaut. We even have nappies (for Louis)” Thursday at 7:48 pm

Twitter “joined rezed - a social networking space for SLED members and others interested in education using virtual worlds” April 29 at 3:53 pm
update: Barry corrected me - the official URL is

Blogposted a blog post Filtering your facebook feeds on digitalsean@typepad Wednesday at 4:25 pm

Blogposted a blog post Going offline for travel with Window Mobile on digitalsean@typepad Tuesday at 10:29 pm

Twitter “having a unix tweaking morning - rss + flickr elgg, crontab; git to track moodle development and make it easier to merge our customisations”

Blogposted two blog posts on SUPA Sean Farrell : Weblog

Revamp of SUPA website April 28 at 3:36 pm

Widgitised Web April 28 at 3:22 pm


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