sean (digitalsean) wrote,

second week on holiday

On holiday and having breakfast by the dock in Treasure Island, FL. I'm catching up with holiday photos and playing with Louis, while Kate catches up with her blog. On Monday we fly to New York and will be there for a week.

Training for the summer school programme has been going well, and covered a lot of material with the summer school teachers. We started creating new avatars and looking at appearance and clothing. Moved on to building and even some basic scripting. Final day yesterday we started to try animations and making a musical sculptures by uploading and scripting the sounds into piano keys.

Useful meeting in the afternoon where the second life trainers were brought together with some of the other people involved in the the summer school programme including Josephine and Dan along with people who work for the Patel Centre composing music and working with young people using music and digital media. It's a much more organic process than a conventional performance course, taking ideas from the young people in the course and sharing and building on them. It seems that everyone is enthusiastic to see how we can bring the different skills and techniques together in an interesting way, and having a series of multimodal performances in the real and virtual worlds.
Tags: kidsconnect, secondlife

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