sean (digitalsean) wrote,

drinks, pizza, games and birthdays

Feeling a bit tired after first week back at work. Need to figure out this working, taking care of baby and sleeping thing. I'm sure they are mutually exclusive and that only two out of three are possible.

Had a great weekend though. Kate and Louis popped in on drinks after work on Friday, and had a chance to meet all of my work colleagues.

Stu, Chenoa and Locke's offer of lunch got us out of the flat on Saturday. Had a nice time catching up and seeing Dylan and Malina. Later popped in to a few of the sessions at BarCamp, and caught up with Vicky and Ewan Spence during drinks afterwards. Playing a few interesting card games which Ewan had introduced everyone to in Teviot.

Went visiting on Sunday. It's my Dad's 60th this week, and we had a family meal along with my sisters father in law who shares the same birthday. The big thing though was introducing Louis to Marion, who has now been promoted from granny to great-grandmother.

Louis goes to University
Louis goes to university. He appears to be a proper student already, and slept all the way through his first lecture at the back of Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 1.

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