sean (digitalsean) wrote,

my desktop PC broke .... why am I not bothered

Something odd has happened, my main PC broke about two weeks ago. Lets just say there were some power fluctuations in the house and it got toasted. For a technical explanation take the following words and recombine them : power switch, intermittent, won't switch on, PSU problems, capacitors, gunge, and motherboard.

Not too long ago, and I would be straight in there replacing the power supply or moving the hard disk over. Generally getting into it and having fun while fixing it up.

But to be honest, I haven't done anything, and I'm not really bothered or inconvenienced by it yet.

I have been a bit surprised by this and even I am left wondering why.

I suppose I did all the right things ... my email is forwarded to gmail, and I started using google calendars. My desktop was set to backup everything every night - files, settings, bookmarks, and email. And everything that I tend to do just needs a web browser and an Internet connection.

I should probably tidy up my home directories and move it online. Perhaps into CVS or SVN like mathie, and just check out a copy of the relevant directories when I move onto a new PC.

But it's odd, I'm not in a hurry to do anything. Working with a Mac at work is letting me work in a nice environment, while being able to quickly script or fiddle with the underlying system, without having to install cygwin, and give my windows machine a useful shell environment.

Maybe I should get a generic PC box and set myself up a Unix desktop again. The last one donated most of its parts to build the media box and backup server.

But for now, I'm not really bothered, I'm happy with an internet connection, a web browser and a terminal.

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